Throwing a potluck type event? Avoid a chiptastrophy with this simple spreadsheet app!

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What is this?

Hi! I'm Austin.

Ever notice when at a house party where you're expected to bring something, there ends up being nothing but bags of chips? I mean, chips are the go-to party snack, but lets make parties better by diversifying that snack table!

Well I wanted to make a tool to solve that and many of the world's other problems:

How does it work!?

  1. Click the New Event button!
  2. Confirm the event details on the next page.
  3. Once your Chps Spreadsheet is created, simply copy that page's URL and paste it on your event's discussion wall!
  4. Lean back and wait for everyone to follow that link directly to your Chps Spreadsheet and start posting what they plan to bring!
  5. ***Don't lose your link! it will be difficult to find your spreadsheet.

Plans for the future

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You can help out by donating money, if you want!